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Amazing Bokeh Brush Set | WORKS IN PS

This brush set comes with 4 different Bokeh brushes. Two round and two oval. All brushes are continuous which means they will add bokeh as your painting over your image! Use the brush on white at a low opacity to get that beautiful bokeh affect. 


How To Use This Brush - Once you load the brush set into your editing program, duplicate the layer and change the opacity to 2-3% (on the color white) and paint over your background. Erase any unwanted areas and your done! 


  • Download your file (you should have gotten an e-mail with your download link
  • Locate the file that is in the folder
  • Download your brushes
  • Make a backup copy somewhere and save them.
  • If the file came Zipped then double click it to unzip it.
  • The easiest way to install brushes into your editing program is to double click it.
  • Once you have double clicked it, it should prompt your editing program to open up. Click on your brush pallet and it will be the last brush there.


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