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Ever wanted to watch me edit an entire image from start to finish?? Now you can!

This video tutorial is over 30 min long and is a complete recording of me editing one of my favorite image from the very start till the very end. I show you all the steps I use to hand edit using Photoshop CS6 (if you use elements you can also apply the same steps to you pictures!). This new collection of videos is called Dream, Learn, Create because thats exactly what I hope to do. Dream with me, learn the steps and then apply them to your very own image and transform your work. 

NOTE: video tutorial is of the image with the hat, not the crown. :) 


These are just some of the things I'll teach you in this post processing video! 

  • How to create a clean edit
  • Creating beautiful smooth skin 
  • How to remove baby acne or imperfections
  • Fix Red or purple hands and feet
  • Adjust skin tone (yellow skin or red skin) 
  • Cloning out hands and arm in a composite image 
  • Getting the fine details to really pop
  • Re-cropping and image and adding more background


In these videos I only hand edit - I do not use any actions in them.



  • The post processing videos are a wonderful way to learn how to use photoshop, elements and lightroom! You can watch them on your laptop, desktop or tablet.
  • If you purchased a video please follow these steps:
  • Download your video
  • Save the video somewhere save (I like to make a special folder just for videos) 3.  Make sure you have QuickTime Player installed on your computer
  • Right click the video and hit ‘open with – quicktimeplayer
  • Enjoy the video!

Must have QuickTime Player installed to watch video on PCs 

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