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Floral Overlay Collection | Includes overlays & petals

There's something magical that happens when you shoot though flowers, i've created the same exact effect based on my outdoor session to create some beautiful peek-a-boo overlays. These overlays add some floral depth and dimensions and best of all they are so easy to use since they are all high res pngs files which require you to simply drag and drop. 

This collection also comes with flower petals which you can add to create something even more beautiful. You have the choice of copy and pasting from the individual petal file (which includes 36 files) or from the two pre made ones that just need to be added to your image. The possibilities are endless!



  • One psd file with 36 individual flower petals. (12 in light pink, 12 in dark pink, 12 in red) Some are in focus and others are blurry, all different shapes on their very own layer to make it really easy for you to select and copy paste to create something beautiful. 
  • Two pre made floral overlays. (just copy paste the entire png file and overlay it on your image)
  • Five white 'peek-a-boo' floral affect overlays. (designed from actual shots taken through flowers) 
  • Five pink 'peek-a-boo' floral affect overlays. (designed from actual shots taken through flowers) 
  • Step by step instructions on how to use digital backdrops (Instruction Tab)
  • Video Instructions (Video Tab)
NOTE: You must have an editing software that allows you to work with layers. Such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro. Lightroom etc.

Your license allows you to use any of these digital backdrops for your photography business, or personal photos. You are not permitted to share these backdrops with any anyone else for free or for profit. Once order has been received, e-mail with download will be sent instantly!

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