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Lens Play Actions & Overlays | WORKS IN PS & PSE

Inspired by tilt-shift & Lens Flare. Includes 10 Actions & 10 Overlays!

Create stunning, images with this action/overlay bundle. 

These actions and overlays work hand in hand so it's very important that you follow the directions when using these! (Make sure you watch it in HD you can see the the buttons i'm clicking on) 

Video Tutorial on how to use these actions and overlays CLICK HERE 


Written Directions: 

  1. Download your file
  2. Import the actions in to your editing software (it will come with 10 regular action and one bonus action) 
  3. Save your Overlay folder somewhere (I like to save it on my desktop) 
  4. Open up your overlay folder and select your overlay, drag it directly onto your image
  5. Drag the corners to cover your whole image
  6. Select the matching action (if your using LensPlayOne overlay, then play the action LensPlayOne)


  • Make sure before you start using these that your image is flattened (it must be called 'Background'.) Before you add your overlay!
  • Each action is for a specific overlay. You'll see the action "LensPlayOne" is for the overlay "LensPlayOne". (The overlay layer must have a specific name such as 'LensPlayOne'. Otherwise your action will not recognize that layer and wont be able to complete the action.

Adjust to your liking! 


Many of the actions will require you to paint on the masking layer to either show or hide the actions in specific areas. You can always adjust these actions, and opacity to your personal liking. It is the end users responsibility to have basic knowledge of loading and using actions. Please do not send e-mails asking about the use of layer masks and/or installation.

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