The Fern & Fawn Collection IX


Say hello to Fern & Fawn. Designed specifically for professional photographers who love those moodier, darker portraits. The ones with that perfect amount of contrast and vibrant colors that shine through without overpowering the portrait. As I was designing them I was pulled in two distinct directions, one cooler and the other warmer. You'll notice that with these presets you'll get both styles. The first 15 presets have a cooler feel to them and the next 15 are a little warmer with the overall color tones and feel. And 10 black and white presets to complete the collection. All presets have that beautiful darker contrast, beautiful skin tones and pull some seriously stunning color tones. This collection includes 40 presets total + the adjustment pack giving you everything you need to create work you love.

CLICK HERE to watch the video click-through of all the presets. This collection is perfect for you if you love;

  • Crisp & Contrasted Edits
  • Darker, Moodier Portraits
  • Sharp Details 
  • Perfect for outdoor sessions
  • Moody color tones
  • 40 beautiful presets for Lightroom + adjustment pack 
  • 40 beautiful presets for Photoshop ACR 
  • Sync to Lightroom Mobile (All collections can be used on the Mobile Lightroom App when synced from Lightroom CC.)
    • Lightroom 4 and Above (Lightroom Presets)
    • ACR 7/Photoshop 6 and Above (Photoshop ACR Presets)
    • Lightroom CC Mobile and Desktop App

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