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Little Lamb Animal Overlay - Easter Collection | Digital Photography Backdrop

It doesn't get any sweeter than little lambs...

Easter & spring photos are a wonderful way to get clients excited about booking sessions with you. Using these beautiful animal overlays allows photographer so photograph their clients and add in real animal overlays.  All you have to do is pick which animal you'd love to use and overlay it on your photo!

Photographers have had great success offering sessions with these overlays. Photographers love how easy they are to use, clients love how adorable the results are, and you never have to deal with using actual animals which can be stressful on animals and little ones. 

Download this animal overlay today and start booking session! 

  • Animal Overlay
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You must have an editing software that allows you to work with layers. (i.e Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro)Your license allows you to use any of these digital backdrops for your photography business or personal photos. You are not permitted to share these backdrops with any anyone else for free or for profit. 
Once order, has been received, e-mail with download will be sent instantly!

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