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The Joshua Tree House Preset Collection

Lightroom presets for Mobile & Desktop. Created in collaboration with The Joshua Tree House, this preset collection is rooted in a love for desert landscapes and natural interiors. It’s the perfect collection for anyone who is looking to capture and translate the sunshine and warmth of the desert to a photo; whether for an exterior landscape or interior space.

In this collection you’ll find presets created specifically for natural landscapes and a bit of cactus love—these presets honor the warm greens of native cacti, the glow of golden hour, and a range of sunsets and sunrises from pastel gradients to vibrant hues.

You’ll also find presets that brighten and add warmth to any space. These presets bring and translate the warmth of an in person experience to digital photography. Feel free to use exterior presets from this collection on your interior shots as well—they often translate beautifully!

  • 10 Presets for Lightroom Classic
  • 10 Presets for Lightroom CC
  • 10 Presets for Lightroom Mobile 
  • 10 Presets for Photoshop ACR  
    Compatible with Adobe LR Classic version 7.3 or higher, LR CC, LR Mobile and Photoshop ACR.

    Q: How are these different from the larger preset collections?
    A: Our traditional preset collections are for professional photographers. They work best on RAW files and include 40+ presets. Although you can install our larger collections into both Lightroom and Lightroom mobile, you'll need to install them into the desktop version first before syncing over to the mobile app. THIS mobile preset packs include 5 special presets that can be installed directly into your Lightroom Mobile App or Desktop Lightroom. You'll get both .xmp files and .DNG files so you can download them straight to your phone and install them right away.

    Q: How do I install them into my Lightroom Mobile?
    A: Once your order is complete you'll get re-directed to your download. You can follow the step by step install instructions HERE as well as watch our easy to follow video tutorial. 

      Your download will also include install information for installing into Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, & Photoshop ACR.

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