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The Kauai Font

The Kauai font is a hand-lettered font for those of you wanting that authentic watercolor look. You'll notice that unlike other fonts these fonts show actual pen pressure, ink flow and details making it wonderful for those seeking a unique font that looks real. This font allows creatives to add a unique, one of a kind typography for their own branding. You can use these fonts to design your own handwritten logo, marketing material, brand accents, hand written quotes and anything else you could possibly use fonts for. The possibilities are endless. 

These fonts are designed by Julia Stephens. From concept to creations these fonts are hand made by one of the leading graphic designer and font creators in the industry. After designing thousands of hand-lettered brands for creatives she realized that creating these fonts would give her clients the ultimate freedom to create pieces they love for their brand. 


Purchase Includes:

  • .otf file

COMPATIBILITY (Definitely read me!):

  • You will need Adobe Photoshop CC OR Microsoft Word to use this font. In order to ensure that the font will work properly in your editing software please use the test file first. click here for test font

  • Works in Microsoft Word.
  • By purchasing this font you may use it for your own personal and business use. 

  • You are not permitted to resell this font in any way on its own. 

  • Designers: You may use this font in your own design templates but must let your clients know that font must be purchased separately. Please link them directly. 


Unlike vector fonts, color bitmap fonts will not work everywhere.

  • Bitmap fonts run on Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 (both MacOS & Windows versions, but not on previous PS versions)
  • Bitmap fonts run on MacOS operating system but not yet on Windows
  • Bitmap fonts run on many Mac apps but not yet on other Adobe apps
  • Color bitmap fonts will be available in the coming months: on the latest Windows 10 & its Edge browser, on Firefox (both Mac & PC), and hopefully on all apps, operating systems and browsers that implement the standard.

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